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(Companies & Organizations That Are Doing It)

The C.O.T.A.D.I.'s are graded on how the business or institution performs in  3 categories.  The 3 categories are The First Impression, the user’s first interaction with your product, service or institution, The Connection, the organization’s human touch with the ability to connect with the customer using effective listening, empathy & altruism and The Execution, the organization’s ability to deliver on the written and unwritten promises to the customer. These categories are covered in greater detail in Wess' ground breaking book Customer Experience- 3 simple tools to blah blah blah.  

Grading legend

1. Poor-Maroon tint

2. Sub par-Light red tint

3. Average-Yellow tint

4. Good-Yellow/green tint

5. Superb- green tint


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