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Wess Walters & Associates can and will serve any company that is experiencing problems with customer service or the customer experience however we primarily serve the hospitality industry,  retail industry, restaurant industry, financial industry, corporate and small businesses. 

Problems that we assist companies with resolving:
  • Employee retentions problems

  • Gate keepers with no human touch 

  • Employee theft

  • Internal customers with poor conflict resolution skills 

  • Employees not having the necessary tools to do their job

  • Employees with lackluster performance

  • Employees that are apathetic

  • Employees with no sense of urgency

  • Low employee morale

  • Poor or no communication between employees and management

  • Lack of accountability 

  • A negative company culture, 

  • A business that is not leveraging technology to enhance the CX

  • Poor or missing processes and policies

  • Unskilled  or untraind personnel.

  • A business culture that is not customer centric

  • Not delivering on the company’s promise. 

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