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Customers Today Are In Search Of Roadrunners!

We laugh at the inevitable outcome. The Road Runner is the epitome of confidence—power at warp speed. He doesn’t just escape; escape implies the threat of capture, and the Road Runner never seems seriously concerned. He emerges…victorious, again. The cartoon metaphor contains powerful lessons relevant for enterprises seeking marketplace victories.

We live in an era where today’s wired and dangerous customers expect personalized outcomes delivered by passionate, agile, and super responsive employees…where spirited, on-the-run learners outpace “just-follow-the-Acme-instructions” domesticated workers. We live in a time when roadrunners rule and coyotes…crash!

Wile E. Coyote is earnest; Road Runner passionate. Wile E. is resilient but the Road Runner is resourceful. Wile E. looks over his shoulder; the Road Runner looks ahead. Wile E. is grim; the Road Runner is joyful.

Your customer is watching your cartoon. Is your unit a coyote or a roadrunner?

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