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What Do Your Customers Really Want?

The customer experience revolves around meeting the customer’s needs. You can make huge strides and positively impact your overall business, by focusing on what your customers really, really want. Engineering your business to provide those needs is a multi-step process but certainly one of the first places to begin is uncovering what it is exactly that your customers really want most.

Some of the ways that you can determine those wants are through:

  • Going Undercover– Let an unbiased person walk through the process of doing business with you. There is much data that can be collected through this process, plus you have the added bonus of the human element which can tell you “how it feels” to be your customer.

  • Technology– There is an app for that! That is for eye tracking, tracking store movement and comparing that to receipts, and there is more coming on the market very quickly.

  • Social media- Using social media as a listening device rather than a telling device is rather obvious but under-utilized. Tracking comments that convey attitudes and feelings toward your brand, or your competition, can reveal much.

Our society is generating unmet needs at rapid-fire pace today as consumers become more and more accustomed to having ‘as-you-like-it’ experiences across all industries. So your customers aren’t just comparing your brand to others in your industry, they are comparing your brand against every other brand they engage.

To win you must engineer your business around what your customers really want and deliver in a way that delights. To hear more about meeting your customers unmet needs in a delightful manner, check out this short video about anticipating your customers needs.

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