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I had a 2 day consultation at a client’s office so at lunch time I visited the closest restaurant for two consecutive days. I ordered the same food and arrived at the restaurant at the same time of the day. The only thing different was the server however, my experience was totally different. The first day it was amazing, the second day not so much. Musicians and performers understand that for someone in the audience this might be the first time that they have ever had the opportunity to witness them play. The fan have heard how good that musician or band was and when they finally see the band, they do not want to leave that potentially new fan with a subpar performance and ultimately left disappointed. So many performers operate with the mentality that every performance is the first performance for someone in the audience and they must leave a lasting impression.

What if that same philosophy was instilled into the minds of restaurant managers and then instilled into the minds of their servers? What if restaurant manager stop seeing servers as individuals but started seeing them as one team, as one organism that is required to perform at 100% every single day for that same reason as someone who has heard about their restaurant, someone who has heard about how good the food was, someone who has heard about how great the customer experience was, was is in fact coming to experience the restaurant for the first time.

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